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I don’t want to write –

Of pure rage
Of love
And hate
And under shame

I want to forget -the cry out
The battle pains
But my past
it Shows how the monsters rained

From silver lined clouds
Made of cold steal
The thunder heads
of gun powder made real
The molten streets
rain brimstone pearls
As my mind finds cliffs
For my thoughts to be hurtled
The loves long gone,
There they still hang on
No mater how wrong

Like barbs
That scar
They dig in deep
And carry on
Making my insanity weep

It’s only utter peace that I seek
Freedom from the fantoms
That sin… So deep


They dance to stars no one sees
And whisper how they wish to breath
Always asked
How and why
They never really seemed to try
To be the same
Less or more
But isn’t that why
It’s been called war

It’s always asked by this shade of men
Why she couldn’t be
Who she was then
How her shades
Can so drastically change
How her soul could belong to the same
And then they sing the beating song
And never understand what is wrong

The bruises colour in different ways
purple to the skin
Red to the brain
Until the anger leaves
And she builds again
And why they ask her
About the wall
But with the wrong answer
They sing the song
Oh the children hum along
To the tune of the beating song

He dances on knives
He use to protect any child
Harmed by that shaded of men
He would go so far
He’d scream
Not to be like them
And then the tun would start again
And the shadows would sing along
As they sang the beating song

The streets were could
But with brothers love
He thought he could be
Mor then just another one
But the game is hard
And the fight grows old
And like his fathers touch
On it goes
To the rhythm
Of the hums and moans
On and on
The beating song goes

They ask me why
But no one know
But that is how the beating song goes

We saw Angeles rise
From the demons depths
we prayed for peace
With our bowed heads

But we fought for war
Its all we knew
For this place never let us
Truly choose

Even when the blaze
Would  subsided
We’d never let it show
That still there’s weakness- that lies

Behind the eyes
Within our skin
In our love
and for our kin

Not just iron
Of the coldest night
Not just war
In our time

Or tolerance
We beg for more
While giving less
Our bones grow sore

This I
And this is you
Born in a place
Where there’s no right to choose

Every ones put
behind the lines
Razed covered in bruises
If you call out the lies

If you choose not to believe
In this separation birthright
If you look to your blood
And speak of different life