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Trust again

If it was
Not for the simple fact
Of need
And love
And lust
In fact
Perhaps I’d be
A little more lax
But of course
There’s no chance of that

In stead ill scream
And cry
But because I I can
Is why I’m able to try

Perhaps ill let go
Of an endless night
And maybe one day
Proceed to the light

And the bruises
And scars will fade
Ill still laugh
And cry
But maybe
Ill trust again


old lies

What are these things
inside my mind
within my ears
circling inside?

What are these thoughts
could they be mine
could they be trusted
could they be lies

What are these hopes
but the promise of tears
but the whispers that linger
of old untold fears?

What is this need
for the things deep within
that crawl under the surface
that twist in the skin?

Can I be human
or some other kin
made of destruction
and masochistic whims

Looking for happiness
anywhere but within
too afraid to see
for that’s where they sit

The voices that churn me
for this way or that
saying I can
saying I can’t

Tell me this turmoil
that I can leave it behind that my heart can be trusted
to tell more than just lies