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for every hand that could not find
the pen to write between the lines
we’re done with what was left behind
so join us ones again

there so many diffrent scares
that mard their lips
and staind their hearts
and still we only ask for them to take small reflection

remember who we were before
remember the slaming of the door
remember the red between the lines
all the words that couldnt be denied
because they never went forgiven
the cost is far to much
– for our hearts
– to leave alive

if i were to fall just ones
for the master of the braking tuch
would it be worth it
tell me would it be worth it at all
if we were to just let our selves fall


If I were just a star

Life less in the sky
One in a billion
At least they would marvel at how I shine
And if I were a leaf
Predestined to fade
Or fall away early
They would still watch how the wind made me play
And what is this skin
This shell of meek flesh
These bones made to brake
These innards a mess
Made of a kind
Who make art out of war
Just a face in a crowd
Never much more
If my body could part
To let thunder in
Would I be more
Or still just a discarded remnant
Of the world of men