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Lovers door

You were always jet black
Green eyes in the dark
Pale lips parted
openings to the heart
Lights Flout
Soft feathers
Hopes drift like ash
Dreams mocked with laughter
By your side
A faithful lover
The past will not stray
Your foolish monsters
Were the only thing that kept my beasts at bay
The winds
They twist strangeness in to faces
A twin that was not there before
Beware the lover
That stands beside you
Do not open the door


Tell me what I am
for I no longer seem to understand
for as I walk
I only stand
– stuck in shifting sands

I merely come from this race of man
but what is my expectation –
lost in meaningless fixations
my heart can take no more of my minds compensations

My war is so long over
what am I still fighting for
is it this disjointed beating in my chest
that keeps looking for more

For my war is long over
I am not who I was anymore
striving for an endless calm
but the fight is all I’ve come to know

Take me from my temptations
I don’t want them anymore
make me who I was before
– before I realized everything isn’t what it was anymore

The street girl who once saved me
doesn’t live behind those her hallow eyes
something ate into her bones and hallowed her inside
the brother I found in that place of wreckage
soul was claimed by the war

Streets laced with addiction
of temptations
the violence that was seen till eyes grow sore
why do you still reflect on those visions?  – when you don’t see them any more

No longer plagued by the endless addictive fixations
no longer in the place that pain came for –
why do you meander through its battle zone
you don’t come from there anymore


I don’t want to write –

Of pure rage
Of love
And hate
And under shame

I want to forget -the cry out
The battle pains
But my past
it Shows how the monsters rained

From silver lined clouds
Made of cold steal
The thunder heads
of gun powder made real
The molten streets
rain brimstone pearls
As my mind finds cliffs
For my thoughts to be hurtled
The loves long gone,
There they still hang on
No mater how wrong

Like barbs
That scar
They dig in deep
And carry on
Making my insanity weep

It’s only utter peace that I seek
Freedom from the fantoms
That sin… So deep

Tell me something I don’t know
What to say
How far to go
Who to love
What to show
What’s under neath the shell I know

When we dance
The things we feel
That some how help us
In how we feel,

After a bridge to far
A night so cold
That make us remember
our past so old
The bars that once closed us
Still ghostly limbs

But this love of the wind
Holds us in
As this endless road
Calls us kin

For the lady

Lady lady of the night
Who chose the black
Above the light
Who took your heart
Who tore your skin
Who left such scars
Till none could come in
As your hair – falls from your eyes
Could what we see
Be but shadows – left behind
The ones who made
Knives Out of your tongue
Is this what – the worlds done
For these streets – are cold and bare
We will not find
the answers here
As we look – to the past
A broken glass road – without a chance
For all you lost
Still fighting to gain
In the night
With blood read stars
you continue play