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you take bitter words
from battered young lungs
refrain –
and re-frame
from what you’ve become
massacred moments
of what was your past
tainted old feelings that die with the last
of hopes
and off dreams
when all you had left was your will to breath

windows to a soul that can no longer bleed
blinded old eyes
defining a new term for needs

memories of lost souls
and what needed done
when your freedom to live
is the only one thing –
that cant be undone

breath with me
see with me who i once was
and rise with me
try with
the phoenix iv become

rise with me
try with me
from the ashes i come

cj beamish




I don’t want to write –

Of pure rage
Of love
And hate
And under shame

I want to forget -the cry out
The battle pains
But my past
it Shows how the monsters rained

From silver lined clouds
Made of cold steal
The thunder heads
of gun powder made real
The molten streets
rain brimstone pearls
As my mind finds cliffs
For my thoughts to be hurtled
The loves long gone,
There they still hang on
No mater how wrong

Like barbs
That scar
They dig in deep
And carry on
Making my insanity weep

It’s only utter peace that I seek
Freedom from the fantoms
That sin… So deep

Trust again

If it was
Not for the simple fact
Of need
And love
And lust
In fact
Perhaps I’d be
A little more lax
But of course
There’s no chance of that

In stead ill scream
And cry
But because I I can
Is why I’m able to try

Perhaps ill let go
Of an endless night
And maybe one day
Proceed to the light

And the bruises
And scars will fade
Ill still laugh
And cry
But maybe
Ill trust again

for every hand that could not find
the pen to write between the lines
we’re done with what was left behind
so join us ones again

there so many diffrent scares
that mard their lips
and staind their hearts
and still we only ask for them to take small reflection

remember who we were before
remember the slaming of the door
remember the red between the lines
all the words that couldnt be denied
because they never went forgiven
the cost is far to much
– for our hearts
– to leave alive

if i were to fall just ones
for the master of the braking tuch
would it be worth it
tell me would it be worth it at all
if we were to just let our selves fall

For the lady

Lady lady of the night
Who chose the black
Above the light
Who took your heart
Who tore your skin
Who left such scars
Till none could come in
As your hair – falls from your eyes
Could what we see
Be but shadows – left behind
The ones who made
Knives Out of your tongue
Is this what – the worlds done
For these streets – are cold and bare
We will not find
the answers here
As we look – to the past
A broken glass road – without a chance
For all you lost
Still fighting to gain
In the night
With blood read stars
you continue play

old lies

What are these things
inside my mind
within my ears
circling inside?

What are these thoughts
could they be mine
could they be trusted
could they be lies

What are these hopes
but the promise of tears
but the whispers that linger
of old untold fears?

What is this need
for the things deep within
that crawl under the surface
that twist in the skin?

Can I be human
or some other kin
made of destruction
and masochistic whims

Looking for happiness
anywhere but within
too afraid to see
for that’s where they sit

The voices that churn me
for this way or that
saying I can
saying I can’t

Tell me this turmoil
that I can leave it behind that my heart can be trusted
to tell more than just lies