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the deep seas churning round and round
the waters blurring all the sound
Do I slip beneath the lips
Of the beast
Do I let my soul release
From the bondage of the land

Do I taste the salt
Let the beasts blood wash away
The dirt that works between the bone
Causing the grinding pain

And as my madness echoes like the whispers of the sky
Twisting in to my ears
Echoes in the mind

I wonder what it would be like to be one with the waves and disappears in to the night



Could you fear me for what I am
Or for what I was
And the things I can

As I twist
with in the sands
turn each page with mortal hands
Replacing eyes with sheets of glass

For the people
never seem to see,
every shade this worlds made of me
Eyes simply reflecting what’s meant to be

If perhaps we lost our wings
To something more then mortal sin
If what we lost can not be found
Is this why we cling to the sound

We bring the music round and round
Blocking out what brought us down
Could this be
Why we swear to never come back around

The ifs only I

If I were just a star

Life less in the sky
One in a billion
At least they would marvel at how I shine
And if I were a leaf
Predestined to fade
Or fall away early
They would still watch how the wind made me play
And what is this skin
This shell of meek flesh
These bones made to brake
These innards a mess
Made of a kind
Who make art out of war
Just a face in a crowd
Never much more
If my body could part
To let thunder in
Would I be more
Or still just a discarded remnant
Of the world of men