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inside the beast

there’s demons in my soul
that bring up the worst solutions 
faith begins to lose its face
as they twist into a new conclusion

they are but the beast of mine 
for i should see the signs 
when they rattle bars so fine
inside the recluse of my mind

should i not see through the screen –
what the shadows really mean 
but not the way they become reshaped 
by a distortion of the lights beam

as they turn a harmless situation
into  places where logic has lost any consideration 
as suspicion becomes my foundation 
as the beasts tug as me


old lies

What are these things
inside my mind
within my ears
circling inside?

What are these thoughts
could they be mine
could they be trusted
could they be lies

What are these hopes
but the promise of tears
but the whispers that linger
of old untold fears?

What is this need
for the things deep within
that crawl under the surface
that twist in the skin?

Can I be human
or some other kin
made of destruction
and masochistic whims

Looking for happiness
anywhere but within
too afraid to see
for that’s where they sit

The voices that churn me
for this way or that
saying I can
saying I can’t

Tell me this turmoil
that I can leave it behind that my heart can be trusted
to tell more than just lies

We saw Angeles rise
From the demons depths
we prayed for peace
With our bowed heads

But we fought for war
Its all we knew
For this place never let us
Truly choose

Even when the blaze
Would  subsided
We’d never let it show
That still there’s weakness- that lies

Behind the eyes
Within our skin
In our love
and for our kin

Not just iron
Of the coldest night
Not just war
In our time

Or tolerance
We beg for more
While giving less
Our bones grow sore

This I
And this is you
Born in a place
Where there’s no right to choose

Every ones put
behind the lines
Razed covered in bruises
If you call out the lies

If you choose not to believe
In this separation birthright
If you look to your blood
And speak of different life