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what i need today

the night
– is calls with out question
-it seems so absurd
the thoughts
-wonder past recognition
-these visions that conspire
can longer described by mere words

I’m lost in a place with out pleasure
I’m lost in a place with out pain
I’m lost In the place past desire
in the back of my brain

what I want…
I can not place words on
what I want…
I do not know what to say
what I… need
to know where I got these chains from
if only to convince my self I don’t need them today


for every hand that could not find
the pen to write between the lines
we’re done with what was left behind
so join us ones again

there so many diffrent scares
that mard their lips
and staind their hearts
and still we only ask for them to take small reflection

remember who we were before
remember the slaming of the door
remember the red between the lines
all the words that couldnt be denied
because they never went forgiven
the cost is far to much
– for our hearts
– to leave alive

if i were to fall just ones
for the master of the braking tuch
would it be worth it
tell me would it be worth it at all
if we were to just let our selves fall