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what i need today

the night
– is calls with out question
-it seems so absurd
the thoughts
-wonder past recognition
-these visions that conspire
can longer described by mere words

I’m lost in a place with out pleasure
I’m lost in a place with out pain
I’m lost In the place past desire
in the back of my brain

what I want…
I can not place words on
what I want…
I do not know what to say
what I… need
to know where I got these chains from
if only to convince my self I don’t need them today


see these things that you have done
straight bellow your midnight sun
this ice and snow
what you’ve become
straight below your mid night sun

for I am not the same as you
I had not the right you did to choose
for I did not seal my fate
I sit in purgatory
its here I wait

it was not your right
my soul to take
these secrets are mine
not meant for you to partake

I’m the monster
no its not I
I am the beast
no its for good that I try
I strive for vengeance
alas no its not me
my heart changes colour
its through strangers eyes that I see

alas what is this
this that I see
alas what is this
no it cant be

here in the Arctic
here in the snow
here below the the sun
you’ll never know