Hands to myself

They always told us what to fear
They alway reminded us who was in charge
They alway showed us the men in the dark
People who miss use power
Something sharp
The wrath of god
An angry mob
They always told me what to fear
But they never told me to fear myself

They told me some people go insane
Some times things get twisted in the brain
That some times men see monsters from there mind
But unless your seeing things that aren’t there
Or hearing voices in your head your just fine
They always told me when to be scared
But they never talked about being scared of my self

They said she was weak when she died
That she couldn’t handle
All things we all have in life
That she found it a battle
the things we all have on mind
That she turned her back to the good in her life
They talked about what it meant to be weak
But they never spoke about the strength of the pain in the mind

They always talked about the dirtiness of self pity
About how you would lose respect
If you didn’t wrap it up quickly
They always told us the sin of suicide
The damage that’s left
The mess you’d leave behind
They never spoke of the unrelenting pain of the mind

They always told me how to deal with wicked people
They never told me how to deal with the wicked thing inside myself
They only ever said be good. Keep your mouth shut. And keep your hands to your self
No one ever told me what to do with the part of me that was hurting myself

They always told me what to be afraid of
No one ever warned me about my self


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