Growing cold

We fall in love with it
The pain inside our head
Obsessing until it becomes part of us
Like a sacrifice to god we love because we fear him ,
Creating the mass epidemic
Of depression and false longing that seems to consume us all

We no longer live in the moment
We capture it on a screen to save it for later
Store it away
For it to grow stale
So maybe some one else can verify it for us
To acknowledge it’s existence

Hope less?
With out verification
Trying to find the meaning of life as if it was something more then just living
Just as our hearts desperately beat only to be able to beat again over and over
with out stoping until it can’t can’t anymore
Why can’t we just live like that
Every day
Over and over
To the best we can
So we are able to tomorrow
Over and over until we fiscally can’t any more
Like the heart


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