the lies of wounder land

I should of ran away when I had the time
now I’m lost in your looking glass eyes
slipping down your rabbit hole
watching your childish chaos unfold
just your play thing
as the world goes awry
now I’m late and you wonder why

Your Cheshire cat grin
only more proof of how far I’v slipped into – your twisted wonderland

How much more can I stand
before I no longer resemble a man
-just your little white rabbit –looked inside a cage
all dressed up and ready for your stage
There’s a rip in my reality I cannot mend
as I watch , the way you pretend …to be just a child lost in this land
making us all your play things we’re growing mad
“eat me “, “drink me”
growing mad
shrinking away from what I am
just your Tweadle dumm dum dum –
or your tweadle dea, – growing MAD- time for tea
ship wrecked in the walruses sea

Left as only your white rabbit caught by the ears
how much longer can we go dancing with our fears
Oh! what have you done with the queen of my hearts?
ran away with all the t(h)arts
Leaving me as nothing then the jack of scares

You really fooled us all
just a child having a ball
its realy to late
but now we see
we’ve lost our minds, what’s left of our heads?
– we’re losing our heads, off with our heads

Making us look so mad
because you couldn’t seem to understand
oh how your reflection has shifted at last
Alice … you’er driving us all mad
 please leave our wonderland

but is it too late… alas …alas
a tower of cards – dismembered in a foreign land


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