you don’t come from there anymore

Tell me what I am
for I no longer seem to understand
for as I walk
I only stand
– stuck in shifting sands

I merely come from this race of man
but what is my expectation –
lost in meaningless fixations
my heart can take no more of my minds compensations

My war is so long over
what am I still fighting for
is it this disjointed beating in my chest
that keeps looking for more

For my war is long over
I am not who I was anymore
striving for an endless calm
but the fight is all I’ve come to know

Take me from my temptations
I don’t want them anymore
make me who I was before
– before I realized everything isn’t what it was anymore

The street girl who once saved me
doesn’t live behind those her hallow eyes
something ate into her bones and hallowed her inside
the brother I found in that place of wreckage
soul was claimed by the war

Streets laced with addiction
of temptations
the violence that was seen till eyes grow sore
why do you still reflect on those visions?  – when you don’t see them any more

No longer plagued by the endless addictive fixations
no longer in the place that pain came for –
why do you meander through its battle zone
you don’t come from there anymore


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