I came to rest within your depths
the thought of hope my great temptation
but when handed it to you, the more then my all
this came to be my great damnation
and you say to me you use to be an honest soul just as i
but they hurt you deep they let the pain seep
until every breath was a lie

You use the words to repute
that it was by no miss deed you disrupted me
but saying that by them changing you
you have right to take my trust
and thrust it
as far as you can from me
I was to week ,
painfully week and you claim I needed disrupting

But by my broken heart
as it stops and it starts
I will not be like you

For it takes a selfish soul
who only thinks of themselves alone
to never give
but promise love
and to blame the other
for giving love
for having such passion in the happiness of another

A broken heart
can be made hard
but it’s a selfish soul
to think of their pain alone
to blame the one they hurt for even coming