the devil and me

This is not a tail for the faint of heart
nor a tail of old
it will not speak of spender great
ancient wisdoms it may not be told

Dark and dank and vicious thing
of yet it soon may tell
I cannot promise but – I do not think – that it is a spell

It is not of thoughts the sane might think
but as I contemplate on its mirth
telling of the tails within its time – soon you may be worth
so ponder it as I may
and wonder it I must
I cannot stop the thoughts I think
so speak of it I must


There is a place
an unbottomed pit
that no man has ever found
or for if he has he did not live to speak of it or rephrase its sound

There is a pit with in the earth that flows all the way down
and in its never ending way circles back around

Within there lurks a man admits the dark and fire of it all
a man that is – as it seems – is not a man at all
I saw this man of fiery flesh within a waking dream
made burning of brimstone things
and truly delusionary seams
I saw this man that was of night
But masquerades as day
I saw this man that was a beast
that was no beast in the way we know of beasts this day
the serpent of the olden days the dragon
the demonic sun of god
he must have been the fallen one
for he inspired a sinking awe
and as I wonder on my dreams I have learned of us as lams
for in the ancient books it claim this  is that
as of what we shall be depicted as
so as I wonder of this hock
of this final jab
as to why
he of monstrous things
is depicted as a ram

If Babylon had not been torn
if its knowledge had been known
would the mystery of this truly darkened thing
Surely of been known
for as I know of such damned things I wonder if we are of the same as he
or if it is to only say he is just a bendable
as they claim as thus as me


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