angels feathers

with out wishes of how to be
how could we ever see
something more than the deceased
something more than how it would of been

with out reason to move on
how does one keep fighting strong
how can you not be long gone
when all the loved ones just are not…

and how the night will seem to slay
how that path will always stray
you so far, so far away
to who you thought we be today

and how i try, try to find rest
if not for the broken beat in my chest
every thought and every breath
wishing you were still breathing

those we love with in are hearts
but left and stole the peace’s of our heart
those who lie with angels now
those who make an infernal silent sound

we are simply angle feathers
you were the wings that held us together
but now that you have chosen to fly
we are here drifting behind


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