I am cold
Just as you made me

No room
For your saving

The rock and wind
Always shaping

Or what’s left

My breath
Is reborn hallow

My throat
Can not swallow

For my dead love
Has been born in the marrow

In my hate
I detest

But it is born
In thy breast

For now
I hang my head

It is by I
That I feel these pains

It is of me
That I have felt shaim

And in the midst
Of my hate

In these whims
What have I to gain

From knowing
With in my ice

That it is still
To me to Blaim

For this
darkened thing

For in dreams
Of pure lust

Even with out
Seeing or trust

I must
Oh how I must

In vain
Look you with love

And for this
If not all else
  There is no one

No one
But the monster