learn to sin

“I was so young”…
is no longer enough
to say
to the pain
in the night

sometimes its wrong
sometimes its right
when we shrink within
when we explode into life
but the secrets always lay
– there

I could scream
I could leave
I could just live and be
I could escape and live free
but the past always lay’s on the mind

find me half way
teach me how it is with out the pain
teach that there can be no shame
tell me you know the way
so the secrets – leave my brain

my mind takes a long sigh
tell me its all a lie
as I throw it all in to the night
let the world pass me by
– to-night im letting go

im not giving up
not quit giving in
not a death in the night
simply the surrender to my sins
for heaven and earth is

– simply what we say
– what we make
–  what we know it needs to be
– to live
– to breath


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