the boxer

mellioncolly moments
this is how you show it
show case every moment
show the world how you hold it
– in your arms
– like a fading star

it seems out off reach
trying to fallow what you preach
but your mothers final speech
is a goal you’ll never meet

because you walked so very long
no ones ever been so strong
no on has ever tought you to hold on
but you’re the strongest of them all

it could be the final hit
it could be the biggest miss
but its the life you choose to live
and its a miracle you did
– in the first place

because you’ve taken to much hits
but never did you miss
never did you twist – in the wrong direction
your movements become perfection
your world a new connection
violence was never quit –  you perspective
but you always did it
because you could always win it
you don’t know who it is any longer
who’s left
the boxer
or the monster

what worth it –
the ring
or the sting
the money or the things
or the girl
who whirls
fearing you’ll hit the ground


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