he’s dark
he’s the mark
of everything
– of the ring
of the sting
of what lays
– within

for the man
can’t stand
what he is

but the boy
always toys –
-with everything

But he can’t –
he knows not –
which one he is

because the man
knows his father
to be a monster
in human skin
who’d he can’t
would never chance
letting in
because he can’t
would never chance –
letting his blood right in

But the boy
with the toys
wants the gifts he brings
wants what he is
– a father
and the daughters
– his sisterss
– his next to kin
he beleives
he knows
desserve better then him

but his mother
…he shudders
because of the things his father did
-has to feel the hurt
– has to make it work
every day – with out him

and the boy
always toys
with the thought of why him
because he razes them
(his sisters)
as if they were his

protecting them
defending them
because they’ll never be hit

like him
like his mother
by his/ how his
father did

but the boy
alway toys
with …
…what if