some days

forgive ness like satin
forgetting like silk
channel is the whisper
of our tainted skills

like midnight we hide
that the darkness is a gift
the thorn of the rose
our preferred kiss

id love if you followed
the words that I say
but its enough just to know
that you live
the same game that  I play

it’s not a lie
it’s just a different way
some days we live by dyeing
some days
its the only way


5 Comments Add yours

  1. “it’s not a lie, it’s a different way” this explains individualism to its fullest 🙂
    Happy gooseberry day!!!

  2. Ann LeFlore says:

    This can be true but to each person we are individuals and need to remember this. Happy gooseberry days

  3. Morning says:

    smart words, well done….

  4. And each must live their life to the beat of the drum they hear.

    My entry:

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