Worn and reckless


We all know that girl
With the hollowed out eyes
Who use to be big
Who use to enjoy the life
– she was given

But we all knew the girl who walked away

Because the past isn’t just the past
When our midnight sky’s
Are filled with the burning rain
Of things that were said
Not for their ears
But for the empty mugs
Of worthless minuet maid beer

For we all new the girl
Who danced in the rain
of a drug enhanced shower
Of tears and pain

We all wish to save her
But she always
seems to tern away
So we all seem to pray
That we miss out of the sight
of her
Once again today

For she’s still broken
For she still doesn’t want to be save
So blindly
We love her
So blindly we stay
With the worn and reckless


One Comment Add yours

  1. Digital Poet says:

    Excellent post thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading and also writing poetry myself. Feel free to check it out. You have a great layout here!

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