He could be
Any man
With glass eyes
Or empty hands
-full of wealth
Full of shame

No mater the path
No mater the stakes
He’s chose to- or has been made to carry
He’ll always be the man he was today
– for just as scares stay with you
– so do dreams
– and we have dreamed of freedom
And we have touched the sky

The days may pass like lightning
Man after man may lie
But we have touched the sky
And the stars still hold our secrets
And there gods still tell their truths

Forgive me for my understanding
I know some times you wish it was just you
But you could be any man
But I would still stand for you
And we would still stand for freedom
Freedom of an ocean that knows no fences
Freedom of mountains taller then the sky
Freedom that needs no blessing
For we bought it with what was left of our minds