you seem to have been quit a tragedy
in your day and time
your story told
for all well-known
one told with remorse as they would dine

but none were too fine
to ask as to how and our why you fell upon these depths
for there’s of course is a part untold by the un-blessed lips
by all  unknown for the exception of the bern soul- who could not let it slip 
of what has caused your unrest

when open arms did beg you in
how they turned away
of anger that had always burned
finally finding its way
they hear the side of the broken hearts-but not of those who’ve turned away

for none want to know -what comes
what lies within her deepest depths
enough to make her lover go astray
anger bears a stronger curse
then what has lied within the plane

for none want to know
what comes after a love has found its grave
the only one who’s left you all alone
is your self-caused pain

and we do pray as the nights grow could
he found love once again
and was not burn
by your angry heart
or burdened with it’s sham

and we do pray
you found a way
to love with out the pain
to not hurt- the once of worth
and loved another day


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