was it in the water
the taint that’s on our skin
could it wash away disaster
for its buried its self deep within
we see it in the lightning
yet hover oh so near
is it that were addicted
to what brings our heart beat oh so near

some times I do wonder
if it’s the fear that makes me breath
the idea that the beating could stop
bringing the end of me
is it that the silence seems to deathen me
that makes the thunder bring me back to life
yet I know some were within me that is not quit it
yet I know some were within me were the silence truly hits

the thunders only temporary
a simple substitute
a have seen what hits me
the crashing that makes me mute
there’s an ocean that hits the shore
there’s the rocks jutting high
there’s the thunder that never stops
to make you wonder why 
there’s the lands of the forbidden
with the sines of do not disturb
with the craken in the deepest depths
singing its lullaby
you know the crashing of the ocean will live on in to the night