id love to right about your eyes
those never-ending deep blues
but I see what they mean
each day in the mirror
for mine are the same as you
I have no sympathy for them
they can not catch me – like the clearness of these sky’s  
its whats lurking under their surface
that’s got me un able to ter from you –
   there’s a dark ness with-in you lurking
  there’s a secret that’s never been told
  there’s a scar that’s never been seen
  there is a fear that I have yet to behold

iv seen you in a dark mood
when your shadowed by your past and a curse
the curse you laid on your self
your past holding another’s hurt
what is it that always haunts you 
I never knew – you’d never show
there’s a darkness that’s about you
that’s deeper then most will go
  take me in to the midnight
  were your scars shine like the mist
  your heart may still be in peace’s
  but we can fill the holes with a new kind of bliss

your hair my be as sandy as the beaches
that edge the shores that I long for
but the call of the ocean im hearing –  is no call of yours
but iv seen you when you’re hurting
when not a light will gleam from your eye
when you seem as if you’ll split
with out a word of how or why
you become as dark as the midnight
you become the darkness that I yearn
iv only wished that I could hold you so close
so close that I could sooth your burns
  there’s alway the darkness about you
  it’s the oceans lurking storms
  it’s the rumble of the thunder
  promising of more