i pray you did not know me

I pray some how you didn’t know me then
 for you wouldn’t under stand
how I could stand before you
with all these scars upon my hands

I pray you didn’t know me then
for you could never see
how some one  with these biter tails
could really be me

if not me who should I be
with scattered lives
– different dreams
with arms once open but now are bars
with a thought that could break your heart
for your heart its self was just a thought of mine
before you learned
–  how to live a saintly life

there was a time in this barren land
when I knew how to love you as a man
but once you grasped 
you saint hood theme
you tried to make me live you dream
     and I can not live within bars


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  1. lovely prayers…

    Hello, how are you?

    Please claim awards via the link below, have fun! Thanks for the support…


    Welcome join Jingle Poetry Community today, have fun!
    share 1 to 3 poems with our potluck poetry today and enjoy some encouragements from fellow poets there..

    hope to see you in…

    1. cjbeamish says:

      thank you so much.im kinda to challenged to claim the awords but i love that you’ve given me the chance to be part of this

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