with out an anser

there’s nothing on the page
as blank as fallen snow
they’re asking all there questions
the once they’ll never know

it’s always in their eyes
the need for something more 
it will always be in their eyes
for they shall never know

he’ll always whisper it like a secret 
tell me-
tell me please
he’ll ask it like a secret-but the anser shall never come from me

the paper seems so blank
they think soon the answers shall soon be theres
but the paper stays as blank
as my silent stair

just some simple words
they’ll whisper in your ears
just some simple words
 and you’ll soon be gone from here

the paper will stay blank
not for my pride –
or for my fears
the paper shall stay blank for none need to here

what was whispered in the night
what was whispered in the clear
for the never is an anser
for those who never shared

the silence of the night
the whispers in our ears
 the word that were so quit-
but thundered in our ears


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