Hello world!

ya so Hellow world like the welcome page says.

my name for my blog is cj.beamish witch is pritty much my name.this blog will contain some of my thoughts and as the days go by quit a bit of my poetry sory if some of it isnt as great as you may think it should be and sorry if some of my gramer and spelling seems quit off.

Here we se

As we sit

The contemporary night

Where busses roam

Engines roll

And trains zip on through and by

Where nights darkness

That always is

Is lighten up to cover our frights

Were the corners of the most precarious of streets?

Hide what’s left of the darkness most delicately

This is what we become and see

In our contemporary nights

When winds would blow

Trees to-and-frow

And the beasts of the night

Were the beastly animals them selves

Not darkened men

With animal like lives

Living quit dishevelled it seems

Like the cats and dogs and mice

These were the days


These where the nights

These were the times

Before the contemporary nights


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